The City

The City

New York City is a work of art; a beautifully discombobulated masterpiece.

The City embodies the SAINT OWEN aesthetic; an intertwining of grit and grace... the coalescence of dualities... the melting pot of variegated cultures where every neighborhood entices your senses with a different flavor.  

The recent travels of Val and Michelle to the City... 

Tell a story of music and exploration with a trip revolving around the iconic Madison Square Gardens. 

In support of both their men (Michelle's husband guitarist Synyster Gates and Val's husband vocalist M.Shadows), the twins take their kids to see the sold out concert by Avenged Sevenfold. 

Image credit: Stephanie Augello @sawjello

Not your average family night.

But Val and Michelle have never aligned with an average lifestyle, as exemplified in the anything-but-typical designs and aesthetic of SAINT OWEN.
"No matter how many times we visit Manhattan, there's something new to experience around every corner.  The bustle of the city and the brazen nature of the people invigorate me.  There's an unmatchable intensity and authenticity. Every time I'm in the City, I take a day to wander the streets . . . just forget the maps and directions and simply walk for hours with no particular destination.  Observing my surroundings - the architecture and the people - brings such inspiration. " 




A highlight of the quintessential TRENDKILL frame and transitional day-to-night style. 

Energized by The City That Never Sleeps; sunglasses all day, all night.  Frames to wear on stage and backstage.  Frames for the anything-but-typical individual.  


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