Travel Musings: Pueblo Mágico

Travel Musings: Pueblo Mágico


One of Val and Michelle's favorite countries to visit is Mexico. 

The sights, food and people are always vibrant and inspiring.  This time they set off to explore a lesser known town on the Baja California peninsula; Todos Santos.
Todos Santos is a unique desert oasis on the pacific coast often referred to as "Pueblo Magico".  It is a haven for artists, craftsmen, surfers and travelers seeking adventure, natural beauty and a healthy and spiritual lifestyle.  Val and Michelle  found endless inspiration in the art galleries, handmade goods, rich history and vibrant culture. 


The food was some of the most inspired, fresh and delicious they've experienced.  The area is full of organic farms and orchards feeding a vibrant restaurant scene.  Restaurants are truly farm-to-table such Hierabuena, where one can eat a salad plucked right from the garden you're sitting next to.    
Another favorite was DUM, an exceptional gastronomic experience in a haven of palm trees draped in chandeliers which made for a magical evening. 

Adventure in Nature 

True to their adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors, Val and Michelle hopped on ATVs to explore coastal mountains; riding up high on trails that lead to stunning Pacific ocean views.  
Amongst the endless desert terrain they found an oasis of palm trees fed by an underground spring. Walking through to a secluded beach roamed by wild horses. 

Resting Easy

After their explorations they found pure relaxation at Mas Olas, a wellness resort with stunning grounds on a white sandy beach where they were able to nourish their mind, body and spirit with yoga, sound ceremonies and long walks on the beach. 
They also found respite during a day of shopping at the Todos Santos Boutique Hotel.  Nestled in the heart of old town, they were enchanted by the charm and meticulous design of this historic building once owned by a Spanish countess.