Inbar Lavi sits down with Saint Owen

The Saint Owen x Lavi collaboration arose from the interconnection of like-minded empowered and purposeful women.  The collab thrives through a paralleled passion for artistry and authenticity.
Val Sanders sat down with Inbar Lavi to delve deeper into the project as well as Inbar's background.
Val: Beauty!!  We are beyond thrilled to journey into the creative realm and launch passion pieces with you.  As an actress and singer, the depth of your creativity is boundless; what other creative ventures are you passionate about?
Inbar: Same ! I've always been passionate about music. This year has opened up that world to me and I feel very fortunate to get to expand myself as an artist through sound. 
Val: Where did you grow up and what is a magical memory you hold from your childhood? 
Inbar: I grew up in Israel, my favorite place on earth!  Magic lives there in every corner. To me, each memory of home is sprinkled with so much emotion. But the real magic is within the people. They'll always be my saving grace. 
Val: You have incredible style!  When did fashion spark an interest in you? 
Inbar: Awww thanks! It's actually funny that style has become such a huge part of my life. Growing up I didn't have any. I would always steal my dad's clothes and live in his boxers LOL. (That's what LAVI stands for) I always joke and say he's my fashion icon :) I think when I first started stepping out on red carpets I realized fashion and beauty are another great way of telling a story and connecting with people. I realize it can make you feel empowered and confident and those are 2 things I always strive to get better at.
Val: Of past sunglasses trends, what have been your favorite?  Do you still have your first pair of sunglasses?
Inbar: Oh man, I wish!  I remember having this really gorgeous pair of white cat eye 'Marilyn Monroe'  sunnies in junior high. I wore them everywhere (even when it wasn't appropriate ! ) I love a good 90's throwback. Julia Roberts' 90's game was BOMB. 
Val: Globally, the road lately has been bumpy.  Despite the plethora of 2020 challenges, there are so many silver linings and beautiful insights.  Can you share one perspective shift you've experienced? 
Inbar: Amen sista. I think the biggest lesson I took was how to handle an uncomfortable situation. Sit in it, let it live, and then ultimately get up and figure another way out. I felt like we were put in a box, so I had to think outside of it , which brought a slew of unexpected, wonderful turn of events. There's always going to be a challenge; all we can do is breath and keep going.