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Start to finish, Saint Owen sunglasses are forged in a family-owned factory in which traditional techniques merge with modern technology.  With an unwavering consideration toward detail, each design comes to life by human touch and an unsurpassed level of craftsmanship.  

We choose only the most sterling materials: Japanese titanium offers lightweight comfort as well as resilience and durability.  The evolution of our titanium frames includes over 300 steps, garnering the expertise of keen artisans to execute the many processes done by hand.  

Our premium Zyl acetate frames go through a unique progression of polishing in which each frame moves through 7 days of tumbling in a barrel of chestnut chips, then onward to 3 separate stages of hand polishing in order to perfect every edge and angle.

Shaped by glass molds which diminish distortion, our CR39 lenses are remarkably lighter than glass yet comparable in clarity.  All of our lenses offer 100% UV protection.