Transparency / Responsibility / Accountability

Our Commitment to Conscious Choices

From start to finish, we make conscious choices in respect to Mother Earth and our communities. We are committed to slow fashion: creating quality pieces which last a lifetime. By implementing timeless designs, we combat the throw-away fashion movement and the waste accumulated through fast fashion brands.


From biodegradable acetate to deadstock fabric to recycled metals, our materials are always thoughtfully chosen to have the least impact on the environment.


We pack and ship in eco-friendly packaging and donate to Climeworks who remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through direct air capture helping to offset our carbon emissions. 


We manufacture all of our products in small batches to avoid excess product.  We use ethical factories supporting small businesses. 


We donate 5% of profits to Eden Reforestation Project.  Eden aims to reduce extreme poverty and restore healthy forests by employing local people to plant millions of trees every year